Welcome loving pet owners! 

Going away? Renovations irking the cat? Can’t take your dog to work? Call us. Scope our services below 🙂

Service Area 

Bow Wow Meow Petcare (BWM) is based in midtown Toronto. We serve pets from all over the GTA with boarding services, however our house visits and daily walks are restricted to a smaller area. We do dog walking roughly south of Eglinton, north of Bloor, west of Yonge and east of Oakwood/Ossington.  We prefer to do house visits within 3km of our home base (Bathurst and St. Clair) however we often venture beyond and price our travel time accordingly (see below). 


30-60 minutes of fun time! Either an on-leash adventure walk or a trip to an off-leash park.

60-minute group walk:
$23 for 3-5 walks / week
$25 for 1-2 walks / week

60-minute private walk:
$35 for 3-5 walks per week
$40 for 1-2 walks per week

30-minute private walk:
$25 for 3-5 walks per week
$30 for 1-2 walks per week



Let us entertain your furry best friend for the day!

$45 for 5 hours or less
$55 for more than 5 hours


House Calls

Perfect for your feline friend! Your cat will receive a friendly visit for their daily maintenance, play, and cuddling.

$23 per visit in midtown
(Within 3km of Bathurst and St. Clair)
$35 for two visits in a day

$25 – $30 for house calls at other locales
($1 per km beyond Bathurst and St. Clair)


Some pets are more comfortable in their own familiar space. We will care for your pet in your home.

Prices per day:

$45 for cats
$65 for dogs
$70 for puppies


Puppy Visits

We offer a specialized service for
young puppies that includes potty
breaks, playtime, basic puppy training,
and leash training.

$25 per 30 mins


We welcome dogs, cats, and other pets into our spacious main floor home with a securely fenced yard and close proximity to two ravines and dog parks for adventures.

Prices per day:
$45 for cats
$65 for adult dogs
$70 for puppies
(Under one year old)



We offer a chauffeur and concierge service for your pet (and maybe you, too!). Whether your pet needs to get to a veterinary appointment, a grooming appointment, visit friends or family, or come to our home to stay, we can provide safe, comfortable transportation.

$2.50 per KM

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