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About Emily

I’ve always had a close connection to animals. When I think of memories that stand-out from my childhood, a great bulk of them involve other people’s pets that I encountered while roving the neighbourhood as a scrappy tomboy. (I was largely restricted to fish and rodents at my home then). Til recently, I was a third-generation vegetarian, a tradition on my mom’s side that grew from a longstanding respect for the lives of animals. For a long time, alongside my main bread-winning pursuits, I would petsit pro-bono for friends and strangers just for pure joy.

After a fascinating but desk-bound career in health research, I decided I wanted a more active career that brought me into my body. The cosmos reminded me of my love for pets when a bout of serious illness filled my days with easy walks to shore up my strength.

Today, I lend my heart and hands to your furry family! I have pet first-aid training with St. John’s Ambulance, I am insured through ProFur and, I have a commercial dog walker’s license for walking up to 6 dogs in city parks. I practice positive reinforcement (R+), and engage in continuing education by taking workshops through outstanding institutions like EduCanine or Toronto Humane Society. I am also connected to a network of amazing colleagues who I can direct you to, should your needs diverge from my portfolio.

Bow Wow Meow About Kat

About Kat

Kat (they/them) has a deep rooted love and appreciation for animals and enjoys spending time connecting with fluffy friends. They hail from the Southern United States and spent all their free time outside in nature, exploring the woods with at least 2 dogs by their side at all times. In their early teens, they started volunteering for animal rescue organizations and had their first official office job with a Veterinarian. Passion for animals led to them pursuing a degree in Marine Biology, working and volunteering in zoos, aquariums, and natural preserves ever since.

There is something truly special about being given the opportunity to work with beloved animals and to be able to help pet parents care for them– whether in home or out and about. Appropriately name, Kat specializes in feline care but also is happy to care for any pets no matter the species.

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